Founded in 1984, our company has received support from many of our customers and business partners.
    We have introduced our products to the world using various media. The belief that “You can’t make professional quality products by cutting corners.” has been at the core of our company since its foundation.  We will never reduce the quality or quantity of our products for the sake of competing with other brands.
     A dinosaur is our company’s corporate emblem and official brand image. “If T-rexes were alive today, I would want to show that we could catch one with our company’s technical ability and glue traps full of innovative ideas!” With those thoughts in my mind, I designed and adopted it as our our official company emblem.
     In the future, regions and countries with remarkable economic development will be required to have high standards in terms of hygiene management in proportion to the improvement of living standards. We have been doing our best to meet our customers’ needs for more than 30 years by doing collaborative research with pest control specialists and by making changes based on customer feedback.  With our company’s distinctive know-how that has been cultivated through this process, our employee’s sensibilities ideas and stylish new products, we aim to make Shimada a global company.
     We want to make products that will surprise and stir our customers’ imagination. For our commercial partners, we have tailored our products to their individual needs from the very beginning.  We keep the customer in mind throughout the manufacturing process and we will continue to produce innovative products that are ahead of their time. Our goal is to spread our company’s name and products across the globe.

President and CEO
Michio Nishibori

Business Philosophy

Facilitate an easier way of living with our unique ideas and skills.

Company Mission

We strive to be a vibrant, reliable company, while reaching new horizons.

Quality Standards

  1. Supply reliable and satisfying products to our customers.
  2. Employees from all branches contribute to our pursuit of high quality products.
  3. Follow all regulations and guidelines.
  4. Listen to customer feedback and develop our products accordingly.

Environmental Policy

In conjunction with our motto – ” Manufacture goods that facilitate an easier way of living “- SHIMADA CO., LTD. also participates in efforts to protect the environment.

  1. We make an effort to conserve energy, reduce waste and recycle.
  2. We select new materials that are safe for the environment.
  3. We observe all environmental protection laws and ordinances.

Our Seven Principle

Quick response
High quality
Competitive high quality
To be a unique company
Products suited to your needs
Powerful sales strategy
Always productive
No progress without adventure