High quality products for your better life
"Made in Japan Quality"

      A number of pest control products manufactured by SHIMADA are regarded not only in Japan but also Europe and Southeast Asia as high performing products that are essential for daily life.  We hope to help you in your daily life with our high quality products that are made in Japan. 

Target Pests

Mice & Rats
Stray cats
Pill bugs
Flying insects
Stray dogs

Products Types

Glue Trap

    Our glue traps have evolved over 30 years in order to assure removal of harmful pests such as rats and cockroaches.  Now our main product, mouse glue traps, account for more than 70% of sales in our domestic market.


    Our repellent keeps pests away with a special odor.  Though it is tradition to pick and hang herbs and extract their essential oils to repel insects, SHIMADA repellents artificially concentrate the essence of those natural harbs.  We have various kinds of repellents such as solid types, gel types which are very easy to place, and quick-acting sprays.  Using glue traps and repellents simultaneously is more effective.

LED Light Trap

    It is silent and does not scatter dead insects like a normal electric insect killer would.  Our latest flying insect trap ” luics” is an interior type of light trap that, with its sleek design, can seamlessly blend into any environment.  It attracts flying insects via a soft light and soundlessly captures them with a glue sheet.
    Try it for a week.  You will be amazed by the contrast between its beautiful design and the large number of insects that are trapped in its high-performance glue sheet.  Used sheets can easily be replaced


    Rodenticides are pesticides that kill rodents, mainly mice and rats.  Our rodenticedes  allows you to remove the pests quickly as it is a manageable size for them to pick up and take back to their nest.